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you’re interested in learning to shoot to protect yourself and your loved ones, or just to have fun, our experts can help.

New August class schedule!

$10 Laser simulation Taster at Annie's Guns on August 12th. Learn how laser simulation can make you a better shooter. Click here to learn more. Click here to sign up!

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We have a new blog! Our first blog is on laser simulation. Click here and give it a read.

Refuse To Be A Victim classes are back! Sign-up for our August 19th class at Annie's Guns in Fremont. This NRA certified class covers personal protection, home security, cyber security, and travel tips.

If you’re interested in buying a gun, our expert services can also help you navigate California’s complex laws.

We also help with training so you can pass the California Firearm Safety Certificate test. A requirement for gun ownership in California.

We can also help with
home protection and auto security solutions.

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